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10 Unique Piercings You’ve Never Heard Of

10 Unique Piercings You’ve Never Heard Of

Long gone are the days of simply sporting stud earrings; piercings have evolved into beautiful works of art achievable in almost any area on the body.

For those who crave a piercing that’s unique and personal, here are our 10 unique piercings you’ve never heard of.

Orbital Ear Lobe

While the ear is a popular piercing location, an orbital ear lobe piercing is a more unique type of piercing consisting of two piercing holes connected with a small hoop. A second hole can be added retroactively near an existing piercing to create an orbital piercing, enhancing the piercings you already have.

Healing time: 8 - 10 weeks

Horizontal or Transverse Lobe

The ear lobe is the most common piercing location - so how do you make it stand out? Try a horizontal/transverse lobe piercing. Instead of the usual front-to-back piercing, the bar piercing goes horizontally through the lobe, creating an edgy, unique look in an otherwise common location.

Healing time: 8 - 12 weeks (or more, as the large piercing hole can take a long time to heal)

Corset (Back)

A corset piercing features multiple piercings down the back, on either side of the spine, to resemble a laced-up corset. Corset piercings are usually temporary for aesthetic purposes as permanent corset piercings can carry health risks and are difficult to take care of. For permanent corset piercings, it’s best to use surface bars which can move with the body to avoid tearing.

While the healing time will be relatively standard, this type of piercing can lead to more complications and thus an extended healing time compared to other piercings and requires daily care and caution to prevent injury or infection.

Healing time: 8 - 12 weeks (could be extended indefinitely as the holes may never fully heal)

Nose Bridge

Bridge piercings go through the skin on the bridge of the nose, either directly between the eyes or just below. They’re great for drawing attention to the eyes as long as they’re well-placed for your facial features - an experienced piercer will know just what to do.

Healing time: 8 - 12 weeks

Wrist Dermals

A dermal piercing is also known as a “single-point surface piercing,” meaning that the piercing is embedded into the skin (the dermis layer) and anchored in place. Due to this, they’re trickier to replace, clean and maintain than standard piercings.

Wrist piercings can be placed in a variety of positions and is one of the least painful piercings available. It can look stylish on any gender, sprucing up your wrist in an easily-visible, more permanent way than bracelets or watches.

Healing time: 3 - 6 weeks

Leg Dermals

Another, less common dermal piercing location is the leg. This is another broad one, as dermal piercings can be placed almost anywhere down the leg, in a multitude of combinations, making it a fitting piercing option for those looking for customisation.

Healing time: 8 - 12 weeks

Lip Frenulum

This piercing is located through the ‘frenulum’, the tissue connecting your lip with your gum, of either the upper or lower lip. Upper frenulum piercings are also known as a “smiley” as they can usually only be seen when smiling; likewise for their lower counterparts named “frowny”.

Healing time: 4 - 12 weeks

Nape (Neck)

Nape piercings are a type of surface piercing which are located at the back of the neck, typically in a horizontal alignment using a surface bar. Surface bars are known for resilience, which is especially important in this location due to daily interference from clothing.

Healing time: 8 - 10 weeks


Anti-tragus piercings sit on the curved area of cartilage above the earlobe, adjacent to the tragus (the pointed area over the ear passage). Due to its location and area size, healing may take longer than for standard piercings.

Healing time: 12 - 24 weeks

Jestrum (aka the Vertical Medusa)

This upper lip piercing enters at the philtrum (between the base of the nose and the upper lip) and exits through the upper lip. This double-pierced look is achieved using a curved barbell in the centre of the lip, producing a stylish, symmetrical aesthetic.

Healing time: 8 - 12 weeks