Pierce of Art Piercing Price List

All prices are with plain titanium or PTFE jewellery. Upgrades available.


Piercing Price Images
Lobe £10 Lobe Piercing
Conch Orbital £40 Conch Orbital
Helix £10 Helix Piercing
Shen Men £15 Shen Men Piercing
Migrain Relief £15 Migrain Relief Piercing
Anxiety Relief £15 Anxiety Relief Piercing
Nose £10 Nose Piercing
Navel/Belly £15 Navel Piercing
Female Nipple £10 Female Nipple Piercing
Male Nipple £10 Male Nipple Piercing
Smiley £15 Smiley Piercing
Rook £15 None Available
Snug £15 Snug Piercing
Conch £10 Conch Piercing
Daith £15 Daith Piercing
Anti Tragus £15 Anti Tragus Piercing
Scaffold £20 Scaffold Piercing
Tongue £20 Tongue Piercing
Labret £15 Labret Piercing
Monroe £15 Monroe Piercing
Medusa £15 Medusa Piercing
Spider Bites £30 Spider Bites Piercing
Snake Bites £30 Snake Bites Piercing
Vertical Labret £15 Vertical Labret Piercing
Tongue Web £15 Tongue Web Piercing
Cheek/Dimple £15 Dimple Piercing
Bhindi £15 Bhindi Piercing
Eyebrow £10 Eyebrow Piercing
Anti-Eyebrow £15 Anti-Eyebrow Piercing
Septum £15 Septum Piercing
Bridge £20 Bridge Piercing
Nape £15 Nape Piercing
Dermal Anchor £20 Dermal Anchor Piercing
Skin Diver £15 Skin Diver Piercing
Male Genital £40 Male Genital Piercing
Female Genital £40 Female Genital Piericng
Written by Wayne Grant