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Piercing Trends for 2021

Piercing Trends for 2021

Despite the many serious drawbacks that 2020 brought upon us, having more time on our hands led to more creative freedom to express ourselves. The rise in popularity of unique or bold piercings, amongst everyone from your friends to big-name celebrities, paved the way for new piercing trends in 2020 going into 2021.

Stay in-the-know with our list of the top 5 piercing trends you’ll be dying to follow in 2021.

#5 - Nose studs and rings

Nose piercings are making a huge comeback in celebrity culture and amongst piercing fanatics. While a lot of the time it is ‘all about the ear,’ many people are shaking things up and following the trend of bringing nose piercings back into the spotlight.

Of course, as with any piercing, it’s all about the right placement and jewellery. Are you going for a simple and understated stud, or do you want to ‘bling it up’ and show off your wild, creative side with diamanté rings? Whichever you prefer, nose piercings are back in fashion for the new year and they’re here to stay.

#4 - Constellation piercings

“Constellation piercings” generally refers to small scattered piercings along the ear lobe, which can resemble the stars in the sky. The great thing about constellation piercings, though, is that you can absolutely tailor the look and style to suit your individual taste. Choose from simple silver stud earrings or add glamour to your look with real gold piercing jewellery for a beautiful constellation effect.

#3 - Nipple piercings

Here’s a divisive one: nipple piercings. They’re the marmite of piercing culture, you either love them or you hate them. All we know is, plenty of people (of all genders!) took the plunge into getting nipple piercings in 2020, and we expect that trend to continue into 2021, especially when studios can fully open up again.

Nipple piercings look great and can really boost your body confidence, and with the continued de-stigmatisation of celebrating our bodies, we think they’ll be trendy all through 2021 and beyond!

#2 - Mid-helix piercings

The mid-helix piercing poses an alternative (or addition) to traditional higher-up cartilage piercings by moving the focus down the ear a little bit, into the mid-helix zone. There’s lots of room there for customisation and creativity, making it a great choice for piercing-lovers who want to express themselves more creatively in 2021. Plus, they are bang-on trend, and can provide a talking point with fellow piercing aficionados.

And finally #1… the conch orbital piercing.

This stunning piercing comes out as the top piercing trend to watch out for in 2021. A conch orbital piercing is yet another highly customisable, super unique piercing to add style to your ear.

This style features a hoop or huggie ring (hence the name ‘orbital’) worn on the outer conch, in the middle portion of your ear cartilage. Studs can be worn there, but orbital piercings are the more popular choice - and for good reason. Conch orbital piercings look great on lots of different ear shapes and sizes, and may be just what you need in 2021!