Man with nose piercing

Not only are piercings super cool, aesthetically pleasing and give your look a whole new edge, but they may now also be beneficial to your health.

Whether it’s your ear, lip, belly button or eyebrow, piercings can transform your look and may even have the potential to change your life. Piercers have found that clients are coming in more and more with their focus being on piercings that will help with their wellbeing, instead of an improvement on their appearance.

Conch for Chronic Pain

Piercings can work as a kind of acupuncture therapy and the most common area pierced for healing purposes is the ear. It has been suggested that the conch piercing – named rightfully because the area looks like a sea shell – can help with chronic pain. It is one of the more daring ear piercings to have as it goes directly through the ear with two options – inner (that just goes through) and outer (which allows a ring to go around the whole ear). The piercing has also been known to help with muscle relaxation too.

Daith for Migraines

The ear is a hotspot for pressure points and when piercings are used for acupunctural reasons, they can help restore energy and balance to the body.

Daith piercings are located on the inner cartilage fold of your ear and have been known to be quite successful in the treatment of migraines. Migraines are a more intense headache that can cause blind spots, vomiting and an increased awareness of sound; they can last for hours or days. Acupuncture has also been effective in treating migraines, which is why the daith piercing is an attempt to recreate the same procedure, in the same place. Some people have reported that the piercing has made their migraines less frequent and some even say it has even lessened the symptoms altogether. Although most of the evidence is by word of mouth, the daith piercing has also been known to help the symptoms of anxiety too, including panic attacks.

Nose for Childbirth

Nose piercings were originally part of a cultural ritual and in Indian culture, symbolise many things from marriage, to religion and to family status and power. However, these days they are often worn by many as a fashion statement, more than a religious ornament. Interestingly, nose piercings are supposed to lessen the pain of childbirth and the aches of menstrual pain. A woman that has her nose pierced on the left is thought to have an easier time when giving birth to their child and an improved female vitality.


Piercings are also supposed to help with blood flow, building immunity and improving eyesight and hearing. It is thought that having your ears pierced at a younger age, can help refine your senses. Also, piercings improve your self-confidence and body positivity. They help you to express yourself in ways that words cannot, which aids in your wellbeing and makes you feel good.

Remember to always look after your piercings, keep them clean and allow them efficient time to heal.
Written by Wayne Grant