Wholesale Body Jewellery
Figuring out how and where to buy wholesale body jewellery can be quite the mine field. However, doing your research properly is an important step towards increasing your profits and reputation.

Here is our step by step guide to help buying wholesale piercing jewellery online.

What is wholesale?

When you buy piercing jewellery from a wholesaler, you are essentially buying from the middle man between the manufacturer of the jewellery and your retail store. When buying from a wholesaler you will almost certainly be buying in bulk quantities at a heavily reduced price when compared to retail. Aften you have made your wholesale purchase and recieved the jewellery, you will sell them in your own store at a higher price.

An example would be - you bulk purchase a pack of 10 titanium barbells for £1 each. You would then split them in to single items and sell them for £10 each. Making your gross profit £9 per item. Keep this in mind when buying jewellery for your store. If your wholesaler’s prices are too high, it will affect the overall profitability of your business. But if they are too cheap, is it reflected in the quality of the product?

Finding a wholesaler

The likelyhood of you reading this article is becuase your searched online for "wholesale piercing jewellery" or something very similar. Which means you're already on the right track. By using a search engine, you will be presented with thousands of companies to choose from.

Choosing the right wholesaler for you

A very well know saying is "quality isn't cheap, and cheap isn't quality".

Having owned and operated a highly successful body piercing and body jewellery studio for many years, I can confidently say there is a market for both cheap and good quality body jewellery. However, I noticed within the first couple of years, the clients that purchased cheap jewellery where not regular buyers, where as the clients that purchased my quality piericng jewellery returned, over and over again. It is therefore my opinion that quality breeds loyalty. And that has been the key to my shops success.

Back to choosing the right wholesaler for you. Once you have compiled a list of wholesale piercing jewellery companies you like the look of, you'll need to do a little research. Are they offering the products you would like to sell? Is the jewellery likely to sell to your target audience? Is the website easy to navigate? Is the price point inline with your requirements? Do they have great customer service? Are they reliable?

Ideally you would view your wholesaler as a partner. You need them to be reliable, provide your with good quality products at a fair price, and be easy to get hold of. Remeber, they also need you! Most wholesalers margins a quite low compaired to retailers, so they should want you to buy from them, as returning customers are the best customers.

Final word

Work with wholesalers who sell high-quality body jewellery and a fair price, are reliable, know the industry, and can support your growth.

Choose one that you're happy to work with.

About me

From advising local government on improving cleanliness in the piercing industry, to helping write the first ever accredited body piercing course, to designing and manufacturing my own gold and titanium piericng jewellery, i've done it all.

I've now decided to help and support my fellow body piercers and retails store owners by offering my expertise and wholesale body jewellery online.
Please take time to visit our website wholesale.pierceofart.com

Written by Wayne Grant
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Wholesale Body Jewellery