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You’ve finally got that new, fresh tattoo you’ve been wanting for ages. You have sat through hours of tattooing and you’re ready to show the world what you’ve got.

However, with a great tattoo, comes great responsibility and you must be prepared to care and look after your new artwork as if it was a new born baby. Remember, a tattoo is with you for life and it should be taken care of as any other part of your body that needs time and attention.

Listen to the Artist

The first thing you should do when you join the tattoo community, is to follow the advice of your tattoo artist. After your tattoo is finished, the tattoo artist should apply a thin layer of petroleum and wrap the part in clingfilm. This is to stop bacteria from getting into the tattoo, but also stop your clothes rubbing and irritating the area – the same kind of care should be carried out for months after you leave the tattoo parlour. No-one is going to be able to give you advice on how to look after your new tattoo better than the person that did it. Ask them questions while you’re there and make sure you’re clued up on the aftercare procedures, such as how long you should wait before removing the wrapping.

Keep Out of the Sun

Avoid direct sunlight completely before the tattoo has healed. The sun can cause the tattoo to fade even after a few months have passed, so it is best to cover your tattoo with sun cream, even after it has gone through the healing process.

Avoid Baths, Pools, Lakes and Seas

It’s also advisable to take showers, instead of submerging into a bath every night. It’s also best to avoid swimming and large bodies of water altogether. It is extremely important to keep the tattoo clean, dry and even covered if necessary. After you leave the tattoo parlour, you can wash the area with warm water and mild soap a few hours later. You can then apply a fragrance-free moisturiser and recover if you wish, but it’s best to follow your tattoo artist’s advice on this – sometimes it’s better to let the area breathe.

Be Patient

The healing process takes far longer than the tattoo ever could. It’s going to get dry and it’s going to get itchy, but the most important thing to do is to not scratch the area or any scabs that form during the process. Picking and clawing at your tattoo could seriously affect its aesthetics. Give your tattoo time to heal and distract yourself from the itchiness. Small tattoos could take anything up to a week to heal properly and larger designs can take months. However, we promise all the waiting will be worth it.

After a couple of days, the redness should begin to go down, but the tattoo may start to look dull. You will know when the tattoo has fully healed when the tattoo looks as it was intended.
Written by Wayne Grant
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