Matching couple tattoos

Tattoos are a big commitment – once they’re on your skin, it takes a lot of time, effort and money to get them off again. That’s why couple tattoos can often be seen as a bad thing and some even see matching ink as a curse to the relationship.

Tattoos are permanent, and some relationships may turn out to be just temporary. However, tattoos do symbolise a uniqueness and many do get tatted ‘to commemorate someone or something important.’ No matter the cost (or potential curse) couples still get tattooed together because they consider their time in the relationship as something significant. A social psychology professor concluded that getting a matching tattoo says: ‘”This is an important, meaningful relationship, and I’d like to symbolize it in a way that involves permanence and involves pain”’.

At the end of the day, tattoos equate to memories and if it’s a good one, you’re going to want to remember it forever. So, whether you’re getting a matching tattoo with your significant other, your best friend, or your girlfriend of two weeks, here’s our favourite line-up of couple tattoos:


Cartoon tattoos are great if you just want a small design on your wrist. They could be anything from your favourite Disney character to an outline of your childhood cartoon hero. Couples could have the same design or have minor details changed.

The Lock and Key

Perhaps one of the more infamous couple tattoos, the lock and key can be any size and placed anywhere on the body. It could be a simple tat on both your wedding fingers, or be enlarged on your shoulder blades.

The King and Queen

Another super popular matching tattoo design, the king and queen ink stands for a strong, influential couple who needs to be seen in the public eye. It’s really for those who truly think they’ll last forever. The design could be simply a tiara and a crown tattooed on any part of the body, or the letters ‘Q’ and ‘K’ on the fingers – the couple just have to decide how big they want it.

Symmetrical Lines

For the more daring individuals, the line tattoo is partly on one half of the couple, and partly on the other. The tattoo only becomes whole once the couple are embracing. This means one half has three lines going down their back, and the other has two block lines on their arms. The matching line tattoo definitely takes guts, and a lot of hugging too.

The Bow and Arrow

One’s pretty useless without the either, right? That’s the concept for this couple tattoo with one getting the bow, and the other getting the arrow. The couple just have to decide who’s going to have what.

Missing Parts

A missing parts tattoo could be anything, just with a chunk of it missing on one person, with the other part of it on the other half of the couple. For example, one half could have a pizza with one slice missing, and the spouse could have the slice tattooed on them. You would’ve literally given them a ‘pizza’ you. Alternatively, you could have the bird and the cage, with the bird flying on one half of the couple, into the cage on the other person. Traditional tattoos can be split up to only become whole when the couple are together.

Written by Wayne Grant