Tattoo Trends For 2019

Tattoos become increasingly popular every year, with the fad never really looking to die out. Each year brings new trends, new ideas, up and coming artists and fascinating designs, so what’s 2019 got in store for us?

Tattoo Trends for 2019

Here are the top trends in tattooing set for the year:

The X-Ray Effect

Although tattoos are pretty cool, they are made even cooler by the new x-ray effect trend. It’s like a normal object, such as a rose, but run through an x-ray machine. These kinds of tattoos work really well with flowers and nature and are super aesthetically pleasing! They can be matched with just normal tattoos too, to create a striking contrast.

Inner Ear Tattoos

The inner ear isn’t often a place you’d think of tattooing, however this type of tat has become increasingly popular, with each tattoo having its own spin on the trend. From a tribal theme, to geometric pattern, to animals wrapping themselves around the cartilage, this trend is certainly not one that will go in one side of the ear and come out the other!

Rotator Cuff

Shoulders have always been a popular spot to tattoo, however it seems the top front of the body part is looking to be popular in 2019. The rotator cuff is a flat surface that makes tattooing it easier than the other parts of the body. It means people can have dainty and feminine tattoos that can be made a lot bigger on the shoulder joint. It also fits in with other trends like abstract design that make the tattoo an art piece.

Hand Tattoos

Like the rotator cuff, the top of the hand is another part of the tattoo that can provide a good space for an intrinsic design. Many have predicted that tattoo collages – lots of small themed tats – are set to be big, instead of one big placement on the hand.


Flower tattoos are starting to move away from big, colourful pieces on your shoulder, and evolve into something far simpler and more defined. Individuals are asking for single-needle flower tattoos more and more in parlours, because of their delicate, but beautiful look.

Face Tattoos

Although face tattoos may seem scary to some, there are designs that can make them look far more delicate and subtler than edgy and fearsome. There are lots of variations on the face tattoo, from fine-line, to designs that curve right around the ear. Face tattoos are also useful for those who want to enhance their appearance, with eyebrows, freckles and beauty marks all being popular choices to have permanently tattooed on, for aesthetic purposes.

Throwing It Back to the ‘90s

Everyone loves a throwback and the tattoo world is no exception. The ‘90s ignorant style of tattoo is set to be huge this year. This refreshing style incorporates cartoons, tongue-in-cheek designs and bold linework inspired by street art. The retro style actually pokes fun at normal designs that we often see tattooed on people and adds a little humour to the tattoo.
Written by Wayne Grant