Girl in front of the sea

As the Summer approaches, it can only mean one thing – holidays! Many of us have already or will be beginning to book time away from our daily lives in the United Kingdom.

However, when you’re on holiday you may be tempted to get a tat, especially as holiday resorts like Magaluf and Kavos are renowned for their late night and early morning tattoo parlours. When you’re on holiday you’re bound to find a twenty four hour tattoo shop that will tattoo you in whatever state you turn up in.

Getting a tattoo abroad can be dangerous and comes with lots of different risks than tattooing at a professional parlour during the day in England. It’s not to say that all tattoo studios abroad are unhygienic and potentially harmful, but it’s more our inhibitions go on holiday when we do too. Therefore, here’s how to stay safe abroad if you decide to get inked!

Keep the Tattoo Out the Sun

When you first get tatted, you should keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight. The sun can cause the tattoo to dry up. Your skin absorbs the UV rays from sunlight, which causes the pigment particles in your tattoo to break up. This eventually leadings to your tattoo beginning to fade or look less bold than it once did.

You should make sure that your tattoo is covered by a bandage for the first twenty four hours, then keep it out the sun for the rest of the holiday. This may mean slightly longer sleeves or swimsuits instead of bikinis for the duration of your time away – just make sure it’s covered.

Be Cautious

Some countries do not have the same rigorous safety features and precautions that tattoo parlours in the United Kingdom are licensed to have.

If the needles used for your tattooing are dirty and the equipment has not been sanitised properly, then you are at a very high risk of catching a disease or getting an infection. If you are intoxicated, you are less likely to notice if the sanitation and hygiene of a tattoo studio is terrible too. Make sure you check all the equipment the tattoo artist is using is clean and fresh and ask any questions if you are unsure.

Stay Sober

If you are set on getting a tattoo abroad and want to take advantage of the late night appointments, then make sure you stay sober before, during and after you get your tattoo.

Alcohol not only reduces your awareness, but also thins your blood. If your blood is thinned during the tattoo process, the artist may find it harder to accurately tattoo the design as blood is more likely to leak out. Blood can also become mixed with the ink giving you a poor quality and faded tattoo to begin with. Lastly, alcohol impairs your judgement – that tattoo you thought looked amazing at 2am in the morning is about to look a whole lot different when you wake up at 3pm the following afternoon.

Written by Wayne Grant