It’s almost time for Halloween, and tattoo parlours all over the country will be carrying out tats inspired by the spooky season. Many will be hosting Flash events, where you can get set tattoos at a cheaper price!

Are you looking for a scary work of ink, but are unsure about what to get? Here are some terrifying ideas you can get inspired from:


Carve a pumpkin into your skin this Halloween with a cute or more scary design. You could even just get the outline of the eyes and mouth on your finger. You could have just one pumpkin sitting on your skin or have a whole bunch.


Not so cute and friendly in the films but undeniably adorable as tattoos, ghosts make the perfect ink companion for your skin. If you’re looking for a basic Halloween tattoo design, opt for the traditional white, sheeted ghost with only their black eyes as detail.


Cats are a great all year-round trend, so you won’t be meow-ssing out! There are hundreds to cat tattoo designs for you to be inspired by. To make it spookier, opt for a black cat, with matching witchy accessories to evoke the real, eerie sense of Halloween.


Skull tattoo designs can either be your traditional skull, or a candy skull, derived from The Day of the Dead. Traditional skulls can be dressed up with roses, cobwebs and creatures, whereas the candy skulls can be colourful, floral and vibrant. The latter can be intrinsically detailed too.


Get ghastly this Halloween with a coffin tattoo design. It could be basic and brown, with little or no detail, or an extravagant casket decorated in flowers and symbols.


The moon is a symbol of the night, and although it’s not completely evil, it does hold some mystical power. You could match the moon design with other Halloween-esque tattoos like a black cat sitting in the middle of it, to make it spookier!


Release the bats from the cave with this Halloween trending tattoo. You could simply get one bat or have three or four outlines of the creatures flying in the sky. We think these would look especially cool on your upper back or wrist.

Horror Movie Characters

When’s a better time to get your favourite horror movie villain tattooed on your body, than on Halloween?! Take your favourite horror character and ink them into real life on your skin. You could either get a small tattoo that represents them symbolically (like an item of clothing or accessory) or you could go all out and get their portrait tatted on your thigh.

Crystal Ball

Halloween is a time for the mysterious and the mystic, and a crystal ball is both those things. You could either get a generic, misty crystal ball, or fill one out with spooky designs inside – perhaps the setting of a haunted house? The best things about crystal ball tattoos is that you can get them big or small, and continuously add to them!

Written by Wayne Grant