Getting a tattoo can be a life-changing experience. However, if you’ve wanted your tat for a long time, you may be overwhelmed and forget to actually take care of it when it’s finally on your skin.

The first few days after you get your tattoo is the most vital time to keep an eye on your new body art as this is a period where infection or external injuries may occur.

Avoid the Sun

You may be eager to show your tattoo off as soon as possible. However, outside elements can harm your tattoo and skin. For example, the sun can cause your tattoo to fade and affect the overall quality of the tat once it’s healed. That means no sunbathing, no sunbeds and no long exposure to the sun.

Avoid Exercise

If there was ever a time you needed an excuse not to go to the gym, the time is now. After you get a tattoo, it’s best to avoid vigorous exercise as sweating can affect your design. Also, if your gym clothing is tight, it is more likely to rub and irritate the tattoo. This may mean the healing process will take longer or the tattoo could become infected.

Avoid Tight Clothing

Remember to wear loose clothing until your tattoo fully heals. Tight clothes could rub against your tattoo and cause the area to become irritated.

Avoid Picking or Scratching

Your tattoo is bound to become itchy and sore during the healing period. However, it’s vital to not pick or scratch the tattoo as you could damage it. Try to keep touching to a minimum, so only when necessary or while cleaning the area.

Avoid Dirty Hands

Make sure you always wash your hands before you clean or touch your tattoo. If you touch the area with dirty hands, you run the risk of getting harmful gunk into the open wounds.

Avoid Bathing

Alike to swimming, baths involve being in water for a long period of time. This can damage the tattoo, leading to it looking faded or having chunks missing! Stick to showers until your tattoo fully heals.

Avoid Soap

Avoid washing the tattoo or the surrounding area with soap and try to keep the area dry while showering. If it does get wet, just gently pat the area with a clean towel until dry.

Avoid Wash Cloths

When it is time to clean your tattoo, make sure you only use your hands. Wash cloths and loofahs may cause more damage to your tattoo and affect the design.

Avoid Going Against Your Tattoo Artist’s Advice

If your tattoo artist gives you advice – take it. Make sure to listen to what your tattoo artist tells you in regard to aftercare and the healing process. You may regret not listening to what they have to say if your tat gets infected!

Avoid Getting Worked Up

Be patient and let your tattoo heal. Body art can take weeks or months to heal depending on the size, design and location of the tattoo, so just relax, use it as an excuse not to do things and look after your body during the process.

Written by Wayne Grant