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Titanium Labret Bar Polished Silver
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Titanium labret bars are one of the most popular pieces of piercing jewellery. They are used for most piercings due to the flat back, and feel comfortable in piercings such as lip piercing and tragus piercing among many others. These labret bars are crafted from the finest implant-grade titanium.

For your peace of mind, all of our titanium labret bars will be delivered to you pre-sterilised, using a hospital grade steam and vaccum autoclave, in a sealed, airtight autoclave pouch - at no extra cost.


> Finish: Polished Silver
> Gauge: 16g (1.2mm)
> Thread: External
> Ball Size: 3mm
> Plate Size: 3mm
> Material: Implant-Grade Titanium
> Nickel Free & Hypoallergenic
> Suitable for New & Unhealed Piercings

Made from implant-grade titanium, suitable for a human implant, and ideal for new piercings, unhealed piercings, or anyone suffering from metal sensitivity.

Sold individually

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Titanium Labret Bar Polished Silver
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