10 Gift Ideas For The Piercing Fanatic In Your Life

It’s that time of year again for hunting down the best gifts! If you love giving gifts as much as we do, you’ll know how satisfying it is to find the right gift for the right person.

At Pierce Of Art, we want to make your life easier by helping you find the perfect gift for your piercing-obsessed loved ones. Check out our gift guide which is sure to have something for everyone.

1.        Hypoallergenic earrings

Earrings are the most popular type of piercing for the masses, so it’s likely that your piercing-obsessed gift-receiver will have their ears pierced (perhaps even several times). Treat your loved ones with hypoallergenic earrings, a safe bet for piercing jewellery that won’t break the bank. Typically, hypoallergenic earrings contain far less irritating metals to avoid itchy, red ears. Keep your loved ones’ ears looking pretty and feeling healthy with earrings made from quality, hypoallergenic materials.

2.        Plugs

For those with stretched ears, it’s always handy to have a variety of colours and styles for your plugs. If you know someone like this, consider giving plugs as a gift. With the wide variety of plugs available across stores and the web, you’re sure to find something they’ll love.

3.        Nose rings

You can never have too many options for piercing jewellery, and nose rings are no exception. If you know someone with any nose or septum piercings, consider buying them some lovely new steel or titanium options for their nose jewellery collection.

4.        Healing and soothing oils

Piercings take time, care, and effort to heal well, and healing & soothing oils help aid this process. They can be used in the cleaning of jewellery (in conjunction with other products) as well as on the skin around the piercing to aid the healing process and soothe the skin around a new/recent piercing. They can also help anyone who has recently gotten a ‘dodgy’ piercing - not uncommon during the pandemic, albeit typically avoided by piercing enthusiasts - and/or had an infection by soothing the skin.

5.        Pretty titanium jewellery

Add sparkle and shine to their ear with a pretty titanium cartilage bar - we recommend the best-selling Aurora Borealis 5 Gem Crescent, available in 6, 7, 8 and 10mm lengths.

No cartilage piercing? No problem! There’s pretty titanium jewellery for many piercing types. The beautiful titanium diamanté hinged huggie ring in rose gold, gold, or highly-polished silver is sure to brighten any piercing-lover’s Christmas or birthday morning.

6.        Navel jewellery

With navel piercings all the rage since the 90s, it’s likely that if you’re reading this, someone you love has a belly piercing. Consider adding a shiny new belly bar or ring to their jewellery collection this Christmas.

7.        Swarovski® piercing jewellery

For an extra special gift, consider a beautiful piece of Swarovski® piercing jewellery. From bars to BCRs (Ball Closure Rings), find the perfect gift for your piercing fanatic partner, friend, or family member.

8.        Diamond jewellery

Step up your gift-giving game with diamond jewellery, adding some more style and sophistication to your loved ones’ jewellery collection. For a little extra oomph, consider toi et moi jewellery for a bold statement with 2 certified real diamonds.

9.        The Koopers® Skull

The Koopers® Skull is a truly outstanding statement piece of jewellery perfect for gift buyers willing to splash the cash. It’ll set you back £1,395 for this expertly crafted jewellery featuring 18-karat solid gold and rubies, full of breathtaking detail.

10.      Faux Jewellery

We know that the expensive options aren’t suitable for a lot of people, especially during the hard times of the coronavirus pandemic where people have less cash than usual (and piercing studios are closed). So, why not buy someone a ‘faux’ piercing, so they can achieve a temporary look until the studios are open again? Faux piercings can also help people figure out the exact new look that they want before they get into the hot seat, reducing the possibility of doubts and regrets in the future!

Written by Wayne Grant