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Ear and Nose Piercing: The Health Benefits

Ear and Nose Piercing: The Health Benefits

Body piercing looks great, but there’s more to the benefits of body modification than just aesthetics. Sure, you can choose from lots of different body piercing jewellery, and mix up your look - but did you know that different ear and nose piercings can also give your physical health a boost?

Piercing as a form of healing is an ancient practice, and is more commonly known as acupuncture. It’s thought that when you pierce certain areas on the body, the flow of energy is improved and the functions within the body are more regulated. While acupuncture is still incredibly popular today, body piercing is also now commonly used to improve health as it’s thought to work in a similar way.

Although science doesn’t necessarily support piercings for health benefits, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that says they can help with lots of problems. The trick is to see an acupuncturist prior to visiting your piercer, to make sure you’re getting the location right. Here’s the top five ways ear and nose piercings are said to benefit physical health.

Period Pain

If you’re suffering with painful cramps every month, heading to the studio for a nose piercing could help. Nose piercing is a common cultural practice in India, and Ayurvedic texts believe that piercing the left nostril can help reduce menstrual symptoms. It’s also thought to help with more specific conditions such as endometriosis.

Similarly, piercing the rook (the cartilage area in the middle of the ear) has shown to improve painful periods in lots of women.


According to texts, the left nostril is associated with female reproductive organs, which is why it’s thought to help with period pains. It’s believed that nose piercing here can also help with childbirth; lessening the pain and making the delivery easier.

It's important to note that there’s been very little scientific research into this area - but even if nose piercing doesn’t help with reproductive issues, it still looks great!

Overall Vitality

If you’re feeling a bit run down and not at your best, piercing your left nostril could help. Ayurveda suggests that this spot is tied to your vitality, and piercing here could help to give you a much needed boost.

It’s also worth thinking about the mental health benefits tied in with nose piercing. Whether it’s backed by science or not, if your piercing makes you feel confident, your mood and overall outlook will improve automatically. 


There are more than 200 acupoints in the ear, which explains why piercings in this area might have certain health benefits. One of the most common points is the daith (the inner cartilage fold in the ear), which is said to relieve the painful and debilitating symptoms of migraines.


There are pressure points in the ear that are thought to help with almost every ailment, but digestion is another big one.

Piercers have reported clients noting improvements in digestion and any related discomfort after piercing the conch, and it’s a popular theory that getting a piercing through the tragus can help with hunger cravings.