Huggie Earrings - What Are They, How to Wear Them and Why They're so Great

We love to keep our customers in the loop about new piercing trends, especially hot jewellery pieces that could liven up your collection.

One of the latest trends in piercing jewellery right now is the huggie ring, and it’s one of our favourites.

What is a huggie ring?

Huggie earrings, also referred to as huggie hoops or simply huggie rings, are a type of earring hoop which sit snug to the earlobe (or other chosen location on the ear, such as the helix). The ‘huggie’ name comes from its small, thick, and click-into-place design which makes it look as if the ring is ‘hugging’ the ear.

Huggie rings are versatile in style, ranging from plain silver to diamanté-ridden gold hoops.

How do you wear a huggie ring?

Huggie rings are most commonly worn on the earlobe, where they hug the ear snugly. However, huggie rings can also be worn on other parts of the ear, such as along the helix or forward helix, or the tragus in front of the ear canal.

Huggie rings can be worn alone for a chic minimalistic style, but for those with multiple piercings, they can also be stacked and styled with other complementary piercings for a real stand-out effect.

Why are they so great?

Huggie earrings are great because they can be adapted to suit any individual. One of the reasons that the huggie ring is so popular and trendy is that they are so versatile and can suit a range of fashion styles, from simple and casual to outlandish and bold.

Another reason for their popularity is that they don’t require any complex or risky piercing holes, if worn on the lobe or similarly simple location to pierce. The accessibility and simplicity is attractive to the majority of casual piercers, and for more fanatical piercers they make a great ‘filler’ or complementary piece.

For ‘casual’ piercing fans with just one lobe piercing, a huggie ring is a great way to elevate the simple layout with class and style. Whether you choose a simple ring or opt for something with a little more sparkle, you will find a huggie ring out that suits you and your style.

Huggie rings look great stacked alongside each other, whether you have piercings in multiple ear locations or simply a few along the lobe. Combine identical pieces for a uniform look, or mix-and-match for a fun, bold feel.

For fully decorated ears, huggie rings can help accentuate your other pieces and really tell a story. Combining simple huggie rings with the more flamboyant pieces around them can help draw attention to stand-out pieces. Likewise, the huggie rings themselves can be bold statement pieces if you so choose.

At Pierce Of Art, we’re all about expressing individuality and creativity through piercings. While huggie rings are indeed on-trend and popular, that doesn’t mean that they can’t look unique. The placement of and jewellery style used can transform your ears in a unique way that no one else could replicate, especially as we all have vastly different ear shapes, sizes, and compositions.


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Written by Wayne Grant