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A piercing isn’t just for Halloween, but you may be very tempted to get a body modification around the spooky season.

But what choices of piercings are out there? We’ll look at the unusual, the bold, and the quite frankly terrifying locations you can get pierced – it’s up to you to decide whether they’re a trick…or a treat!

The Cheek

This type of piercing goes through the cheek and connects to the other side of the mouth, creating a hole that exposes your teeth. It’s a very uncommon piercing, and you’d have to be extremely committed to up-keep and sanitation of the body modification. However, it’s the perfect choice for those that want to look like the antagonist of a superhero movie and are dedicated to their Halloween costume this year.

The Horizontal Lip Piercing

We hear you - ‘lips piercings, what’s so scary and bold about them?’. Well, have you heard about a horizontal lip piercing? This type goes through your lip, sideways, preferably on the lower part. However, this one may just be for Halloween because of the limitations it puts on your mouth movement. You definitely will struggle to smile with the horizontal lip piercing in.

The Back

Corset piercings are back piercings with rings that allow strings to be put through, making your back look like a corset. The corset piercing is pretty, but painful. It can also be placed on the back of the legs too.

The Spinal Spikes

Alternatively, if you aren’t feeling like a 19th century Duchess, you can opt for spinal spikes down your back instead. The spikes go up through the spine, with some people evening getting them all the way up their neck and on top of their head! Spinal spikes are definitely more of an extreme sport, than a piercing.

The Lower Chin

Alike to the cheek, the lower chin piercing goes through the skin and opens up a hole. This means people can see the inside of your mouth and your bottom set of teeth. It’s a great asset for a zombie costume this Halloween, but if you’re not feeling the garish look the other 364 days, then we suggest maybe sticking to scary face prosthetics.

The Nose Bridge

Take your nose piercing to the next level with the nose bridge. The piercing sits just under the eyebrows at the top of your nose. The jewellery goes through one side of the nose, and out the other. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted!

The Finger Piercing

They weren’t joking when they said, if you can pinch it, you can pierce it. Perhaps on one of the smallest surface areas on the body, the finger piercing normally is placed at the base of the finger. It’s an unusual alternative to wearing a ring but comes with more complications than the simple jewellery. Also, unlike all the other uncommon piercings mentioned, the finger piercing has a single point entry. This means there’s only one hole, and the jewellery enters only from the surface.

Halloween Jewellery

On top of all these piercings, you can get lots of Halloween-inspired jewellery, including black cat cartilage rings, spider earrings, a skull nose piercing, or a creepy neon tongue bar!