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Pregnancy will change your body in lots of different ways. It’s a huge life-turning milestone that will impact every aspect of your life, including your tattoos and piercings.

In this article, we will discuss what will happen to your piercings during and after your pregnancy and look at the effect it could have on your body modifications.

How will your body change affect your piercing?

Often, people think that it’s just your belly button piercing that will be affected as your body begins to adapt to having a baby. However, over the nine months a lot more areas could be affected by the change. For instance, nipple, surface and dermal piercings could all be impacted by the alterations in your body too due to the swelling of certain areas.

The effects are down to what body part your piercing is on and what areas decide to swell, so any piercing is at risk of getting migrated out. For example, web piercings are likely to start to push out if your hands or feet start to swell and the same applies for nipple piercings too.

Pregnancy is also likely to make the skin around your piercings dry. If the area does begin to crack and become arid, apply a solution of tea tree oil and sea salt to re-moisturise the area.

How to take care of your piercings during pregnancy

If you’re planning to get pregnant or already are, you should begin getting your body and your piercings ready for the change. For example, if your surface piercing is on an area such as the hip, the skin around it is likely to stretch due to the baby growing. Thus, you should change the piercing bar out for a longer one, to prepare for the potential swelling and body alteration.

Similarly, nipple rings may need to get exchanged for bigger ones too, to accommodate the other changes that will take place during pregnancy.

If you start to see any piercing begin to dig into the skin or become irritated, visit your piercing artist right away to be fitted with a better sized bar or ring for you. You could also look into a different type of piercing material that will bend and adjust to your changing body. Replacing any of your piercings with a softer and flexible component will improve comfortability during your pregnancy. You can even get belly buttons made specifically for those who are pregnant.

Take particular care of your piercings and apply aftercare oil if you need to.

Can I get a piercing while pregnant?

It’s best to avoid getting new piercings while you are pregnant, and some artists will even be hesitant to pierce you. It’s best to wait until your body has returned to its normal shape, so your piercings and skin do not have to adapt to a new environment again. You do not want to put your body under any more stress and it’s vital to avoid anything that could cause you infection too.