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There are lots of different facts about piercings, but there are also a lot of myths that come with the industry too.

We’re here to debunk some of the myths that surround the piercing world – some you may have heard before and others that may be brand new to you!

Piercings are Temporary

If something pierces your skin, then you are left with a wound. This is the same when you get a piercing. Even if you take the jewellery out, the skin doesn’t return to what it was before. Although some scars may be worse than others, piercings do tend to leave a mark even after years of the jewellery being out of the hole.

You Can Re-Pierce A Close Hole

If a piercing has closed up, often people will try to re-pierce it with an earring. However, this is highly not recommended, especially if the piercing was originally rejected by your body. Return to a piercer for more information and advice before trying to re-pierce any old or closed up piercing.


Contrary to belief, pouring alcohol on or burning the end of jewellery is not a substantial way to sterilise piercings or needles. All professional piercing equipment goes through extensive sterilisation involving disinfection and an autoclave. You shouldn’t trust anything that hasn’t been lengthily cleaned.

Parlours Will Always be Safe

Do your research before you go to any piercing parlour and make sure they have good reviews online. Don’t expect every parlour to be safe, good and regulated. Ask anything you want to about equipment and sterilisation – a good piercing parlour will be able to tell you with no hesitation. If a shop doesn’t look hygienic or the equipment looks dirty, do not get a piercing there.

The Weirder the Piercing, the Longer it Takes to Heal

Ears are considered the easiest piercing to have and take care of. However, that’s not always the case, especially with cartilage piercings. People think that the less common piercings take longer to heal, but that’s not always true. The stranger piercings are often covered by clothing, so aren’t as susceptible to infections. As long as piercings are cleaned and protected, then they should heal quickly and successfully, no matter what area they are in.

Piercing Guns are Safe

Piercing guns can’t be sterilised properly, so aren’t completely safe. They can also be dangerous to use for piercings other than the ear lobe, like the cartilage. If the piercing gun goes through the wrong part of the ear, then it can severely damage the cartilage.

Infection is Imminent          

A lot of people worry that their piercing is destined to get infected. However, like any wound, if it’s taking care of properly it will heal fine. It’s normal for your piercing to be swollen or red as this is signs that it’s healing. However, if the piercing begins to hurt more, it’s hot or there’s a discoloured drainage, visit your piercing artist immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns, your piercing artist will always be happy and well informed to answer them, so do not be afraid to ask.