Man with eyebrow piercing

Trends may come and go, but piercings are forever…well until you take them out. Here are the year’s biggest trends in the world of piercings, from the double up to the constellation.

The Double Up

When one ear lobe piercing isn’t enough, you can always get two! That’s what people have been asking for this year, as the double lobe piercing has gained in popularity in 2018. The double ear lobe piercing allows more creativity with earrings and means you’re spoilt for choice when choosing your stud. If you cannot decide between what pair of earrings to wear, then the double lobe piercing allows you to adorn both, making it perfect for indecisive individuals. Also, it’s very likely that by 2019 two might not be enough, so expect the triple ear lobe piercing to become popular by the end of this year too.

Feeling Snug?

An antihelix piercing, or more cutely named a snug, passes through the ear’s cartilage and through the ridge that sticks out on your ear – this part is also known as the anti-helix. It sits snugly opposite the tragus. The snug is a very unique kind of piercing and requires time and cleansing for it to heal properly. However, the piercing does look super cool and stands out against the others.

Time to Get Lippy

Lip piercings seem to be making a comeback this year with an increase on social media platforms of the trend. Many have decided to get the piercing straight through the middle, so the ring sits comfortably on the bottom lip in the centre.

Dicing with Daith

The daith has been popular this year for lots of different reasons. Firstly, it’s different and sits in the ear’s inner most cartilage fold. It works well with rings in different shapes such as hearts and stars too. Also, it’s been praised for the improvement the piercing makes on migraines and anxiety related symptoms because of its resemblance to acupunctural techniques. The daith is therefore not only pretty and aesthetically pleasing, but also could be good for your health too.

The Triple Helix

A helix piercing is any piercing that goes through the upper cartilage of the ear, a double helix is when two piercings are under one another on the upper part of the ear, so a triple helix is when another two are pierced going up from the starting helix. They look like shooting stars and are great for those that want to dress up their piercings. The healing process for helixes can take up to twelve weeks, so it’s important to keep them clean and give them time to heal. It might be advisable to do one helix piercing at a time and leave a few weeks for each to heal before getting the next, so it’s a lot less painful during the healing period.

Light up the Sky with your Ear

Another big trend this year is piercings that look like constellations. These are multi-level piercings all up and around the ear that transform the body part to a starry night sky. Although they may take a lot of time to heal, they are the most beautiful of all the trends this year.

Written by Wayne Grant