Woman with gold hoop earrings

Body piercing has been around a long time and is one of the oldest forms of body modification to date. The practice was even found to have been done on mummified bodies that were over 5,000 years old.

The practice only grows in popularity year after year. However, now there are so many different body parts to get pierced, that individuals often forget about how many different types of actual piercings there are to choose from.

Not only are there lots of different types of jewellery like barbells, studs and horseshoe rings, there’s also lots of varied types of metal that these earrings and piercings can be made out of too, making your jewellery selection endless.

What Type of Jewellery Is Right for Me?

There are lots of different types of body piercing jewellery that you can select from when you first get your piercing done. Certain metals are better than others, especially during the healing process. For example, although nickel is cheap, it is also one material that could be potentially dangerous to your new piercing. Many people are sensitive to nickel and the metal may cause the piercing to turn green and become irritant. If you’re experiencing any problems with your piercing, it’s important to go back to your piercing artist and discuss the issues you are having. Sterling silver and costume jewellery can also be harmful to a new piercing, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different, and some individuals may react differently to different metals.

Some metals are better for different piercings too. For instance, titanium is the best type for nose piercings.

The Divide Between Silver and Gold

Fashionably, there has always been the divide between those that love gold jewellery and those who favour silver. It seems that some people prefer one over the other, just because of personal choice and many cannot mix the two together. However, it seems 2019 is set to be the year of the gold piercing, as the style has grown in popularity over the last few months.

Going for Gold

Once your piercing has healed, it’s time to experiment with different types of jewellery. Gold piercings can come in many different forms, from big hoop earrings, to small studs, to drop earrings. One of the more popular piercings set to be on trend is the gold dangle earring, which is very similar to the drop jewellery. The lower part of the earring sways, unlike the drop alternative, and you can get gems in the bottom of the earring to jazz the jewellery up even more. 18k gold diamond earrings are also becoming a popular choice, along with mini-stud earrings that are dainty, delicate and stylish.

There’s also now lots of choices when it comes to the back of your gold earring, which include a fish hook, a lever, a screw back and a push back. All these customisations really add to your piercing experience.

If you find your piercing is becoming irritant, infected or sore, it’s best to take the jewellery out, and talk to your piercing artist about your issues.

Written by Wayne Grant